The various translation services that we offer.

  • Adoption Document translation
  • Advertisement translation
  • Birth Certificate translation
  • Blogs Book translation
  • Brochures
  • Business Plans
  • Case Studies
  • Company magazine translation
  • Contract translation
  • CV/Resume translation
  • Diploma translation
  • Divorce document translation

Adoption Document Translation

Adoption is the act of legally placing a child under the care of an individual or individuals to whom the child was not born. Once the adoption takes effect, the responsibilities and rights of the child’s birth parents are transferred to his or her adoptive parents. Different societies may have considerably different laws and attitudes regarding adoption. Therefore, translating adoption documents is a culturally sensitive issue that requires diligent attention to legal and other details.

Marketing Communications:

To effectively reach a diverse audience, you must understand how they think, not just how they speak. Literal translation can miss the mark, making your message ineffective and potentially offensive, which can seriously impact your brand. AFMAAL can help elevate the authenticity of your brand/message through our niche understanding of cross-cultural communications and our localization expertise

Software Guide Manual Translation

AFMAAL has the resources and tools to provide a complete software localization solution that will convert your software, interface and support documentation into a target language while maintaining the look and feel of the parent software. AFMAAL will ensure that your translated software, documentation, user manuals, online help and other materials conform to the cultural, linguistic and regulatory needs of the target audience.

Document Translations

When your money is at risk, you need every person involved to understand one another.Translating your financial information accurately and quickly is vital to success! At AFMAAL, we ensure that your financial information is conveyed clearly, error free, and on-time in the language you require.

Brochure Translation Services

Our attention to detail and dedication to providing the best in brochure translation sets Accredited Language apart from its competitors.
For brochures varius industry, Accredited Language offers experienced linguists with special expertise

Translation of Legal Contracts

The translation of contracts must be factual, faultless and fast. Our translators can process precise and technically specific contracts quickly and with the utmost confidentiality.All of our work is certified as accurate for acceptance by the relevant courts of law and government authorities.

CV & Resume Professional Translations Services

A resume is a document that lists or summarizes a person’s relevant qualifications, skills and experiences.A resume is a document that lists or summarizes a person’s relevant qualifications, skills and experiences.

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