Welcome to AFMAAL Website

We have been providing a full spectrum of high quality communication services to our international and local clients for the past two decades. We are an energetic dynamic experts bringing up some of the best professionals in the translation industry together to provide unrivaled and unique services.
0ur expertise is in successfully conveying information to diverse non-native audiences/readers around the world. You can not only be assured of quality work, yet save money as well. 0ur team includes a dedicated and talented staff of software experts, native freelance translators, interpreters and management personnel who work together at every stage. We bridge the communication gap between multifarious cultures to ensure that our client's message makes the best possible impression.
In close cooperation with our clientele we develop customized solutions tailored to each project. We are very flexible in accommodating specific requirements and possess an excellent track record of delivering results on time and within budget. 0ver the years, we have built a network of native interpreters with an expertise in a wide variety of fields, all are recognized and certified. The result is a solid teamwork in a close collaboration to meet your needs.

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