Translation of Legal Contracts

The translation of contracts must be factual, faultless and fast. Our translators can process precise and technically specific contracts quickly and with the utmost confidentiality.
All of our work is certified as accurate for acceptance by the relevant courts of law and government authorities. As added testament to the quality and accuracy of our Legal Translation Services and for your peace of mind, all of our translated documents carry an accompanying letter of authenticity.
It’s important to us that our clients put their trust in our abilities and are rewarded for their confidence. It is this close working relationship which has formed the foundation of our business for long years.
We can translate all contract types. From your business employee contract through to the translation of marriage contracts. Our service is professional, confidential and certified at no extra cost to you.
We will choose a translator who has relative experience in your market sector or industry. We do this to ensure any industry terms and lingo is translated correctly and adhered to strictly.

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